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AOPA Members Aircraft Advertisement Request

As a current AOPA member you may advertise your aircraft, or aircraft share, for sale on the AOPA UK website free of charge, subject to the Terms and Conditions below.

If you would also like your advertisement to be published in the Aircraft Owner and Pilot Magazine there is a charge for this, based on the size of the advert. You may contact Charlotte for full details or indicate you are interested in a magazine advert in the request form below.

Please be vigilant about any contact made with you about your advertisement, unfortunately there are scammers out there trying to take advantage of you. Whilst the contact form does have security checks, these cannot be 100% effective from either manual completion or sophisticated software that targets forms.

AOPA Member Aircraft Advertising - Terms and Conditions

You may advertise your Aircraft, Share/s or Forming Group free on this website if you meet the following Terms and Conditions :-

1) You must be the owner, co-owner or a shareholder of the aircraft being advertised, or will be a co-owner or shareholder in a forming group and also be a current Individual (not Associate) or Corporate member of AOPA.

2) The person named as the contact must be a current Individual (not Associate) or Corporate member of AOPA and remain so for the duration that the advert is displayed on the AOPA UK website, or the advert will be removed by AOPA UK.

3) You must not knowingly misrepresent the aircraft in your advert, nor include any inappropriate content.

4) Any links to external websites will be vetted by AOPA UK and may be removed if deemed inappropriate.

5) Any links to external websites will open in a new window and not close the AOPA window.

6) You must have the copyright, or written permission from the copyright holder, for any text or photographs used in your advert.

7) Your advert will remain published on the website for up to 6 Months, unless you advise AOPA UK that you wish it to be unpublished before 6 months or you cease to be a member of AOPA UK.

8) You are responsible for providing updates to the information in your advertisement so that it remains accurate.

8) AOPA may review the status of the advert at any time and have the right to remove it. An explanation for such action may be given on request.

9) AOPA UK will not be responsible for any spam, or other such internet nuisance, directed to the contact through the advert.

Submission of this form indicates that you fully agree with the Terms and Conditions.


* Indicates a required entry.


Photographs are your opportunity to show your aircraft in at its best and make it appealing to potential buyers or shareholders.

It is recommended that you include one external view and one internal view, which includes the instrument panel. You may upload up to 3 separate photographs, of 500 to 600 pixels in width or height, depending on whether it is portrait or landscape.

Each photograph file can be no more than 1 MB in size and must be either jpg, jpeg, png or gif (non-animated) format.

FILE NAME: Please include the aircraft registration as the first part of the file name.

If you are interested in your advertisement being published in the Aircraft Owner and Pilot Magazine please select Yes below to be contacted with details and costs.

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